Islamist Terrorist Group “Al Qaeda” wants to ATTACK Latin American Countries of El Salvador, Honduras and Panama

Islamist Terrorist Group “Al Qaeda”  wants to ATTACK Latin American Countries of El Salvador, Honduras and Panama

from. USA Today

Honduras also tightened security at foreign embassies and declared a national terror alert after receiving information that al-Qaeda was trying to recruit Hondurans to attack embassies of the United States, Britain, Spain and El Salvador, a government official said.

The regions could be a perfect staging ground for Osama bin Laden’s militants, with homegrown rebel groups, drug and people smugglers, and corrupt governments. U.S. officials have long feared al-Qaeda could launch an attack from south of the border, and they have been paying closer attention as the number of terror-related incidents has increased since last year.

In July, Honduran Security Minister Oscar Alvarez said a Saudi-born terror suspect sought by U.S. officials was spotted earlier this year at an Internet cafe in the Honduran capital before fleeing the country.

The man, Adnan G. El Shukrijumah, once lived in South Florida and is the subject of an FBI alert issued in 2003. The agency has asked law enforcement agencies and the public to be on the lookout for Shukrijumah on the grounds he may be plotting terrorist attacks against the United States or its interests abroad

El Salvador authorities last week reinforced security at the country’s international airport and along the borders after purported al-Qaeda threats appeared on the Internet against their country for supporting the U.S.-led coalition in Iraq. President Tony Saca, undeterred, is sending the country’s third peacekeeping unit — 380 troops — to Iraq.

Terrorists have struck in Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the United States. Latin America could be next, analysts say, especially as it becomes harder to operate elsewhere.

“If there is a crackdown, they are going to pick up shop and move,” said Matt Levitt, a terrorism analyst and senior fellow at the Washington Institute.

Officials worry the Panama Canal could be a likely target. In 2003, boats making more than 13,000 trips through the waterway carried about 188 million tons of cargo.

Earlier this month, the United States and seven Latin American countries — including Argentina, Chile, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Peru and Panama — carried out a weeklong anti-terror exercise aimed at protecting the canal.


my Opinion:

Come on Islamist punks and you will experience the WRATH of the Gangs and Drug Cartels for destroying their drug business due to Sharia (NO Drugs or DRUG BAN)  and Terror Attacks


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